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Frequently Asked Questions

Will these credits transfer?

If you earn a transfer degree at Highline Community College, the courses you take in the CGG Department will transfer to the institutions with which Highline has a transfer agreement, such as the University of Washington. If you plan to transfer without first earning an A.A. or A.S. degree, or if you plan to transfer to a college or university that does not have an agreement with Highline, you will need to contact an advisor at that campus to determine transferability.

Do DGS classes count as the Diversity/Globalism requirement for graduation?


Where can I get more information about the classes?

Call or email the instructor listed in the class schedule, or contact Department Coordinator.

When will a certain class be offered?

Many departments on campus offer the same classes every quarter.  Usually this is because the class is a core requirement which a majority of students must take in order to graduate.  Unlike those departments, the DGS department doesn't have classes that are taught on a regular schedule.  Some classes are offered once a year.  Some are offered once every few years.  Others are offered two or three times a year.  It depends on the instructor's availability and student interest.  If you have questions about a specific class, you can email the department coordinator for further information.