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Diversity & Globalism Studies Department

Welcome to the DGS Department

The mission of the Diversity & Globalism Studies Department is to improve the lives of students and their communities through education. We offer courses that examine the dynamics of culture and globalism through interdisciplinary lenses.  We believe that it is vital for everyone to examine the diversity of our community, region, and world and to engage in activities that reduce prejudice and discrimination in order to achieve a more equitable, just world.  Our mission supports all of Highline College's strategic goals, but in particular the initiative to "enhance a college climate that values diversity and global perspectives."

DGS courses provide the opportunity for students to develop skills needed to live in a diverse world and to gain experiences which contribute to the pursuit of equity and tolerance.  We encourage students to analyze, contrast, and synthesize diverse values and experiences, especially historically marginalized positions, and to participate in public discourse on topics of diversity and globalism with self-conviction and respect for others.

Our department continues to create new courses to meet the interests of our students, for example, Model United Nations, Food Justice: Urban Agriculture and Food Security.  Every DGS course fulfills the D/G requirement for graduation and simultaneously fulfills credit toward either Humanities Area I or Social Sciences Area I.

If you are looking for classes in ethnic studies, make sure to check out the class offerings of our partner department, EGS or Ethnic & Gender Studies.

We hope to see you in one of our DGS courses this quarter!


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Contact Information

Office:  Building 15

Phone:  (206) 592-3959